Cruise Ships: A Study in Over-Consumption

My grandmother’s 80th birthday was this past week, and to celebrate my family went on a seven-day cruise in the Western Caribbean.  If you’ve ever done one of those things, then you know that the food on cruise ships is off the hook.  Four-course meals and monster buffets come flying at you from every direction, and since you pay for it all up front, it’s hard not to feel tempted, even obligated, to eat it ALL.  It inevitably turns into a week of face stuffing for everyone aboard (save the crew, who work like beasts).  I got my hands on some slightly nauseating statistics.

The ship had a crew of 1004 and a maximum capacity of 2834 guests, but the staff told me that most cruises do not fill up, so there are typically closer to 2500 guests on a week-long trip.  On average, in the course of a week, they consume:

18,000 hotdogs

10,400 bottles of Evian water (Ugh, seriously?  Come on, peeps.  Grow out of this stuff already.)

9,000 hamburgers

8,000 lbs. of chicken

5,700 lbs. of chicken tenders (I think this is separate from the 8,000 lbs. of chicken, but not sure.)

5,000 lbs. of watermelon

5,000 lbs. of eggs (liquid)

3,700 lbs. of french fries

2,760 bottles of Corona beer

2,600 lbs. of beef tenderloin

1,960 pineapples

1,900 lbs. of beef strip loin

1,600 lbs. of shrimp

1,200 lbs. of fresh salmon

400 lbs. of smoked salmon

1,000 lbs. of lobster tail

1,000 lbs. beef ribeye

900 lbs. of pork ribs

500 lbs. of pork loin

500 gal. Coca Cola (this seems to be referring to the syrup, not the whole beverage, so in reality it’s a lot more)

300 gal. Diet Coke (same deal here)

280 gal. orange juice (here it’s the concentrate)

500 lbs. of chocolate

150 lbs. of rack of lamb

105 cases of tomatoes

420 bags of popcorn

3,360 Krispy Kreme doughnuts

2,400 ice cream bars

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa is that not bonkers??  That’s only a partial list, too!  There’s way more!  For example, the head pastry chef told me his staff uses about 400 lbs. of sugar each day to make other desserts.  And I took part in this whole massive binge.  Maybe my New Years resolution for 2009 will be never to eat again.


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